Ensuring quality health care is within reach of every individual.


Dr. Ganesh Mathan started his career as a cardiologist.


Started his own practice- Dr.Mathan’s Clinic


Reached a milestone of 2200 Patients Experienced team.

Experienced Team

Dr. Mathan's Medical Centre has been serving people from all walks of life for more than a decade, Led by Dr.Ganesh Mathan who has  over 18 years of experience as a Cardiologist

Focusing on Overall Health

No matter whether you visit us for heart health or controlling diabetes, we work hard to ensure that you not only get a solution to the immediate problem but also learn to live a healthier life, so the problems don’t reoccur.

Exceptional Health-care

Dr. Mathans clinic provides quality health care and ensures that they get the healthiest versions of themselves.


Years of experience


Healed Patients


Health Care

Focused on You.

Trusted Care.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our skilled doctors and medical staff, we make sure that every symptom is correctly identified and the diagnosis is always accurate.

Our Doctors

Dedicated to a healthy living

Healthy living .. easier said than done, right?

Adapt to a healthy lifestyle and Dr. Mathans clinic will guide you through it .

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